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Machining Machining

Cylinder Heads


Barth Brothers carry out all facets of cylinder head machining and reconditioning for Petrol, Diesel and LPG applications. All Machining is done in house using the latest equipment.
Some of these services include:

» Valve facing
» Seat cutting
» Pressure testing
» Crack testing
» Straightening
» Crack repairs
» Aluminium welding
» Thread repairs
» Injector tube fitting
» Valve guide repairs
» Resurfacing
» Acid cleaning
» Bead blasting
» Face Scrolling
» Shim facing
» Hardness testing

Crank Shafts


With one of the largest cutting edge crank grinders in regional W.A. Barth Brothers can offer their customers the following services on crankshafts up to 1.5 meters in length.

» Journal polishing
» Main and pin grinding
» Mag-particle crack testing
» Straightening
» Hardness testing
» Surface finish measuring
» Seal area repairs
» Nose and keyway repairs

Cylinder Blocks


Cylinder bore finish is critical with todays ring technology. As well as 3 stage honing procedures and the Ra surface measuring of all finished bores,
this is done in house using the latest equipment.
We also carry out the following work to a large range of both petrol and diesel cylinder blocks:

» Acid cleaning
» Pressure testing
» Crack detection
» Deck resurfacing
» Boring
» Honing
» Torque plate honing
» Crack repairs
» Cam bearings removal and installation



Catering for all conrod’s up to 650mm between centre’s and tunnels up to 200mm diameter, Barth Brothers can perform almost any automotive and industrial conrod repair.

Services include:

» Crack testing
» Straightening
» Big end resizing
» Pin boring
» Pin honing
» Small end repairs



Other workshop machining services include:

» General machining
» 2 lathes – 2 meters between centre’s
» Milling machine
» Tig, mig, arc and gas welding – fully equipt
» Metal spraying
» Flywheel grinding
» Manifold facing
» Rocker facing
» Acid and bead blasting services

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